Alumni Spotlight

Ashley Cornwell

Credentials: From Player to Coach: WIScholar Graduate Ashley Cornwell ('23) Transitions to Coaching Roles in College and NFL Teams

Dean Dvorak

Credentials: Dean Dvorak ('22) – WISc Graduate and GWS Alumni Spotlight

Claire James

Credentials: Catching Up with Claire - WISc Alumna and Wolff Fellow Claire James ('22) Shares Her Experiences Abroad

Daniel Ledin

Credentials: WISc Alumnus Daniel Ledin ('21) - A Wisconsin Scholar in Washington

Jinan Sous

Credentials: Jinan Sous (’21) Discusses WISc and Making Her Studies Global

Alma Alma Sida Ontiveros

Credentials: Alumna Alma Sida Ontiveros (’19) Shares Perspectives on WISc and Global Connections