Academic Resources and Language Learning

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Cross College Advising Services (CCAS)

Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) provides academic advising and facilitates career development for undergraduates who are exploring majors and careers. Employing a developmental focus, CCAS is dedicated to holistic student learning. CCAS works closely with the Career Exploration Center, and together we serve UW-Madison across all eight undergraduate schools and colleges.

Get Advising with CCAS.

Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) - Advising

IRIS Advising is a cross-campus advising service for undergraduates interested in exploring the many international opportunities available at UW-Madison. If you wish to declare an area studies certificate or major, participate in an international internship, explore study abroad options, seek international career advice, or apply for international fellowships or grants, please stop in or reach out to an advisor to set up an appointment.

Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) - Awards, Fellowships & Funding

The IRIS Awards Office manages its own funding opportunities, coordinates the campus component of a number of external programs, assists students, faculty, and staff in exploring funding options, and much more.

International Studies Program

The International Studies Major employs an interdisciplinary IS perspective, focusing on three core ideas:

  • (1)  A relational, interactional, contextually rooted understanding of global forces and dynamics
  • (2)  The mutual constitution of the global and the local
  • (3)  The importance of a broad, interdisciplinary approach to global issues

The IS Major has three tracks of specialization. Students choose a track when they declare.

  • (1)  Global Security
  • (2)  Politics and Policy in the Global Economy
  • (3)  Culture in the Age of Globalization

University of Wisconsin-Madison Language Institute

The Language Institute is an initiative of the College of Letters & Science, with substantial support from The International Division.

UW-Madison Languages

The Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) Language Programs

The Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) is a student-run organization that provides academic, language, and study skill support services taught and facilitated by students, for all UW-Madison students.

Teach or learn languages and cultures by partnering with an advanced speaker in a world language.

International Learning Community

The International Learning Community (ILC) provides a living experience at Adams Residence Hall for students focused on cultural readiness, offering opportunities for cross-cultural understanding, language proficiency, and global leadership development.

Language Table

A language conversation table offers the opportunity to practice the language with other speakers of the language. Language tables are often held in a casual location, such as a coffee shop or the Union, and may include community members as well as university students and instructors.

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