How to Apply

As members of the WIScProgram students engage in a common core of course work including a WISc seminar, four semesters of foreign language study, and a comparative global studies course. The WISc Program provides opportunities to discuss global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective through regularly scheduled international events and collaboration with campus partners such as the International Learning Community. With the generous support of International Academic Programs students making satisfactory progress in the program are eligible for two study abroad travel grants totaling $3000 that may applied toward participation in study abroad programs offered by a UW-Madison study abroad office, and for which students earn UW-Madison residence credits.


We strongly encourage interested applicants to carefully read through the features of the WISc Program and FAQ pages before submitting an application.

TO APPLY: All application materials, including a completed application form and essay, are to be completed and submitted through the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub. You must have a valid UW-Madison NetID in order to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: WISc is an on-going honors enrichment program that admitted students commit to participating in throughout their undergraduate careers. It is not a one-time scholarship.


Prospective freshman students who are curious about the world around them, who are committed to increasing the depth and breadth of their understanding, and who would like to benefit from a close-knit campus community experience.

Applicants should also possess a minimum of 3 years of foreign language study or demonstrated proficiency in at least one language beyond English.

Additional elements considered in the selection process:

  • Demonstrated international interest: this might include participation or leadership in an internationally focused club or activity, elective coursework with an international focus, or participation in a gap year or study abroad program.
  • Background and experience: examples include diversity of work experiences, education, disciplinary interests, accomplishments, social and academic activities, special challenges, etc.
  • Language interest: commitment to learning one or more foreign languages.
  • Leadership potential: examples include participation in student government, team captain or club organizer, organizer in a service learning project, or major role in neighborhood or family.
  • Diversity: The program seeks diversity in experience and personal background and is committed to enhancing the learning experience through diversity in the group of participants.

The Wisconsin International Scholars Program selection committee is comprised of faculty and staff. This committee reviews the applications for admission to the WISc program. The committee reserves the right to evaluate and modify the selection criteria and admission process each year. Each candidate is evaluated on the basis of both the academic record and the non-academic portions of the application.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2022